Who Do You Know?  Become an AIP today!


The C.A.P.-KWCRNw Program is available to ALL licensed Associates of Keller Williams Realty, you are eiligible to earn passive income through the C.A.P.-KWCRNW (Cap-Quicker Now) Associate Incentive Program of Keller Williams Classic Realty NW-Relocation Department.  It's simple and easy and the benefits to Associate Incentive Partners are priceless!!


To Enroll in the Associate Incentive Program and become an Associate Incentive Partner.  Simply complete the online connection below and "Hoot" to the Relocation Department.  They take it from there and secure the C.A.P. relationship. Then CAP-Share back to you, the AIP. 


Who to "Hoot" to the Keller Williams Classic Realty NW-Relocation Department:  

  • Business/Company Owners 

  • Executives of Small/Mid-Size/Large Companies & Corporations

  • HR-Directors and/or Business Coordinators

  • Decision Makers

Benefits to the Associate Incentive Partner of Connecting the Relocation Department with your Contacts?

  1. Become the Premier agent(s) when the C.A.P. Account is secured by the Relocation Department (you can make unlimited AIP connections)

  2. C.AP. Certified Agents - Increase Closed Business Transaction Volume and GCI from C.A.P.-KWCRNW transactions. We're helping you reach your CAP Quicker Now!!!

  3. Earn Passive Income as a C.A.P.-KWCRNW AIP on EVERY closed C.A.P. transaction (even if you are not the assigned C.A.P. Certified Agent) when you are an AIP of the Account as long as you are with Keller Williams Realty or its Affiliate Brokers.  Once the C.A.P. Account is secured the AIP membership for that C.A.P. closes.  C.A.P. Accounts may have mulitple AIP members.