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The Keller Williams Classic Realty Northwest - Relocation Services Department is here to help grow all Keller Williams agent's businesses.  We have a full-time staff designated to focusing on corporate relocation and expanding the Keller Williams brand into the relocation niche.  Our staff works with Corporations, Relocation Companies & Third-Party Administrators when employees are transferred around the globe.
Our services extend beyond Corporate Relocation.  The Relocation Department also helps Keller Williams agents place referrals anywhere in the world and we secure the referral fee for YOU (the agent placing the referral).  Additionally, we monitor the status of the transaction progress and provide you, the referring agent, with timely updates throughout the process.  The Relocation Department takes the risk out of social media referrals and "recommendations" that may ultimately not be the best fit for your client.  We understand your client is Your #1 Priority and we take that relationship seriously.  We never market to your clients - that is your responsiblity AND we are here to strengthen that relationship while adding value to your business beyond your client's expectations.  If at any time the client is unhappy, the Relocation Department will place them with a new agent and secure the referral fee for you.  
We have a combined 30+ years in the corporate relocation industry.  We are well respected throughout the industry and are passionate about delivering another element to the the Keller Williams brand and family.  Our relocation department prides itself on consistency, professionalism and a proven track record as the keys to our success.   How are we different?  Our relocation department is not an "agent team".  We are a staffed department of the market center and have the systems in place, implemented policies and procedures and a solid foundation that the relocation industry demands and expects.  
Elizabeth "Liz" Parker, CRP
Relocation Director

Liz  joined Keller Williams in May, 2013 as a full-time Relocation Director.  She has over 17-years experience working in the corporate relocation industry. Her primary focus is expanding the Keller Williams relocation relationships with Corporations, Relocation Companies & Third-Party Administrators, while placing transferees and referrals with GRTS relocation certified agents that best meet the transerfee/client's needs.


Since joining Keller Williams and through her already established relationships, she has secured over 50+ relocation companies who work with Keller Williams Classic Realty NW to place transferring employees with qualified and GRTS Relocation Certified real estate professionals within the Keller Williams agent network worldwide.  


While expanding the Corporate Relocation business, Liz also helps KW agents with Placing-A-Referral when they have a client moving from one location to the next and are in need of a Realtor.  Each referral (corporate or agent placed) are treated as a VIP executive.  Liz monitors each transaction throughout the process, communicates with all parties and ensures the transferee/client is satisfied and referral fees are paid accordingly.


Liz is single has two children, Ethan and Whitney.

Golden Egg Opportunity
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GOLDEN EGG OPPORTUNITY - What is it you ask?


Corporate Relocation referral fees can be high and each one provides the GRTS Relocation Certified real estate professional with a "Golden Egg Opportunity" that they would not have had otherwise.  Corporations, Relocation Companies & Third-Party Administrators do not typically work directly with Realtors, they generally require and prefer to work with Relocation Departments and Relocation Directors and they do require agents to be Relocation Certified. Therefore, realtors may get requested on a corporate transfer but once closed their referral ends there.  Not anymore!!  Keller Williams Classic Realty NW - Relocation Department is changing the lives of our agents when they become relocation certified through Global Relocation Training Services.


Several Keller Williams realtors have "capped quicker" by working with our Relocation Department, receiving corporate relocation referrals they would not have otherwise had & CAP-KWCRNW referrals.  Once our realtors become GRTS Relocation Certified real estate professionals, they qualify to receive corporate relocation referrals.  Realtors do not need to be GRTS Relocation Certified for C-A-P or other referrals unless specifically requested by the referring agent or client.  Our Relocation Department is growing referral business for all Keller Williams agents one referral at a time.

Tammy Chevalier, CRP
Relocation Dept Manger
Director of Business Dev

Tammy has been with the Keller Williams family since 2011 and worked diligently to bring corporate relocation to Keller Williams Classic Realty NW and the Keller Williams family of realtors.  As a Relocation Certified real estate professional for over 16-years, Tammy's goal was to grow brand exposure, put Keller Williams on the relocation industry map, help agents grow their businesses through relocation transactions and a trusty-worthy referral network which attracts agents/teams to Keller Williams.


Her primary role is overseeing the day-to-day operations of the Relocation Department, policies, procedures, accounting, Relocation Certification through our partner, Global Relocation Training Services, agent training and education as well as working with the CAP-KWCRNW (Cap-Quicker) program. 


Tammy works closely with the Relocation Director to ensure all transferees and referrals placed through the Relocation Department are placed with Keller Williams realtors who hold an active GRTS Relocation Certification in the specific category they are requested to provide service(s) and to ensure Keller Williams Classic Realty NW Relocation Department delivers services that exceed industry standards on every level and with every transaction.


Tammy is single and is licensed in Minnesota & Montana.

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GRTS Relocation Certified real estate professionals add value to their businesses by opening the door to receive Corporate Relocation referrals through the Keller Williams Classic Realty NW Relocation Department.


The Keller Williams Classic Realty NW - Relocation Department works with Keller Williams Market Centers around the globle to place referrals from our corporate relocation partners and CAP-referral network.  Corporate relocation referrals are placed with GRTS Relocation Certified real esate professionals who hold active certifications in the areas specified with each individual referral.  


General referrals placed through the Relocation Department are not required to hold a GRTS Relocation Certification unless specifically requested by the referring agent or client.  This helps to ensure that the agent receiving the referral is experienced and certified in the areas you, the agent placing the referral, requests and that your client is working with a highly skilled, professional real estate agent.